Monday, November 22, 2010

intro / favorite lunch EVAR

so... yeah. here i am. hi i'm sam!

i honestly think it would be good for me to pay more attention to this thing, as my livejournal was very therapeutic. i just need to find the time. i'll start with something easy - a 'recipe'

guilt free gyro
(all measurements approximate/eyeballed... you're smart and know what you like)

1 tortilla / wrap of your choice (i prefer the ole xtreme wellness whole wheat tortilla - 76 cals and huge!)
2 oz deli sliced roast beef
.5 t mccormick perfect pinch mediterranean herb blend
1 T sliced white onions
.5 t parsley flakes
4-5 cherry/grape tomatoes, halved
1.5 T crumbled feta

lay out tortilla on a sheet of plastic wrap (for wrapping ease later)
place roast beef in center
sprinkle with herb blend, turning to ensure coverage
add onions
sprinkle with parsley flakes, again turning to ensure coverage
cover with tomato halves
wrap and seal in plastic

.25 c plain nonfat yogurt - greek style or strained (i strain)
.5 t dill
.5 t minced garlic (mine is packed in EVOO)
1 T shredded cucumber

combine all ingredients, stir and refrigerate. there will be leftovers

here's the messy part
place wrapped sandwich in microwave
1 minute, 50% power
1 more minute, 50% power

well... HERE's the messy part

open up wrap and slather with tzatziki. i used about half in my sandwich
sprinkle with feta
re-wrap in both tortilla and plastic to avoid drips


the remaining tzatziki is an excellent veggie dip, or an excuse to make another gyro.

well... first step's the hardest. let's see if i can keep it up.

that is all.

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