Monday, November 22, 2010


well, i'm on a roll, aren't i? if anyone ever starts reading this i will probably have to go back and hide some of the more useless posts. like this one will surely be. but that's one i'll cross later.

side note - it's taken 2 days to finish this post. and i'm only 5 badly composed sentences in so far...yep, day 3 now. i fail at blogging. but i'm finding myself totally addicted to reading them, which is inspiring me to try to write. i'm at work right now, which is NOT the place, but i just HAD to share my salad.

while we wait... and holy crap we're waiting a long time.

still waiting, and it's night time now. it was a big picture, so i'll just tell you and upload the pic when it shows up. it contained:


italian blend greens

chopped red, green, yellow and orange peppers

baby carrots

cherry tomatoes

portabello mushrooms

black beans

frozen veg blend containing corn, broccoli, cauliflower, red peppers

deli turkey

ken's light italian dressing


(edited to add pic)

marvel at its glory. right now. here you go:

and dinner tonight was also to-die-for. it was:

jennie-o turkey patty

trader joe's 21 seasoning salute (if you haven't had this, get it NOW)


topped with gouda, portabello, red onion, and sweet and spicy sandwich pal

on an aunt millie's slimwich. enjoyed with a mug of local brew (nit wit, mishawaka brew co)


and one more foodstuff then i'm publishing, dammit.

buffalo cheddar kettle corn. omg. this is local, but if you have access... get some NOW. at wal mart. you'll thank me.

that is all

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