Wednesday, January 5, 2011

back to business

technically, i guess, monday was back to business. and had i written a post, perhaps it would have been.

but today is valid because it was the first day back to the gym. but... i was all wired and excited last night (and i blogged, which kept me up later than usual) about the job interview and whatnot and didn't get my full (at LEAST) 6 hours. i rocked the dark circles through one of the more hectic morning/early afternoons of my recent professional life, and then worked until 7. hit the SF red bull around 5, when i normally leave, but then got all inspired to not be there all night tomorrow (i have a friday AM deadline that will be fun to meet) and did some extra work.

any other day, i'd've gone straight home, hit the wine, had a cigarette or three and felt ok about it. well, maybe not the cigarettes, but i'm working on it and went from a pack a day to less than a pack a week so i call it improvement. i'll get into my smoking justifications at some other point. the CURRENT point is that it was really important for me to get to the gym tonight. for some reason. not out of an obligation, but because i didn't want to spend the evening smoking and feeling guilty about smoking, and missing out on the good times and chest improvements i'm seeing from all the presses. so, even though i got there when i normally like to be leaving, i went.

had 3 goals - stairmaster, chest press and lateral pulldown.

i got onto the stairmaster... then pretty much got right off of it. NOT happening. but i had done a short but pretty intense 'jog' on the elliptical prior to that so i can justify a little. but it was pretty pathetic. i did maybe 2 minutes at medium intensity and had had enough of that shit. my legs just felt like jelly.

pec/delt... thing. i don't know what it's called. this wasn't on my list, so i feel good about it.

delts - 20 lbs, 2 x 10; 30 lbs, 1 x 10 (i THINK but it could have been 5)

pecs - 20 lbs, 1 x 10; 30 lbs, 2 x 10

chest press - 40 lbs, 1 x 10; 50 lbs, 1 x 10; 60 lbs, 1 x 5

lats - 40 lbs, 1 x 10; 50 lbs, 2 x 10

yes, kind of weak... but i knew it would be and feel better for having gone.

and now, the food diary portion... i did this all out of order.


1/3 cup oats mix

1/2 banana


nuked in water for a minute

stirred in about 1 tbsp peanut flour, blueberries, blackberries, apple sauce... topped with some fiber one and a splash of unsweetened vanilla almond milk. it really seems like i'm forgetting something but i can't think of it. it was pretty good, but eating it out of a mug was strange. efficient, but strange and i think i'll go back to bowl and deal with the extra dish.

i also had a couple cashews and a pinch of homemade granola while waiting for my oats to cook.

snack 1 (i had several):

a clementine


the last of my cheesy red potato soup (with red pepper and silken tofu) and like 4 triscuits to scoop it up. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm thick and comfy, which was nice after the day i was starting to have.

snack 2 (we'll call this an extension of lunch):

a small handful of wasabi roasted edameme. again, big lots rocks my socks. i'll have to go back and get more, now that i know i like it.

snack 3:

little red delicious apple that had been in the work fridge for like a month, i swear. but aside from being a little mushy, it was really decent.

snack 4 (told you):

a banana and a half piece of light bread with naturally more. my typical snack on a gym day, i just don't usually throw that many more in. but i was SO tired and concerned about fueling for the gym. not that i really needed it, but still. it was tasty too.

oh! haha... so, after the gym, on the ride home, i ATE a scoop of protein powder. just poured it in my mouth, half at a time, and chewed it up and swallowed it. it was interesting, and not nearly as bad as i expected.


was late-night chaotic. side salad, a few bites of vegetable beef soup, and a sinfully DELICIOUS coconut macaroon. 145 calories of awesome, it was. chased it with a spoonful of nonfat fage heavily covered with cinnamon, in hopes to neutralize some of the sugar from the cookie.

i'm almost out of my sleepytime tea, so i made a mug of TJ's bedtime. which is delicious, don't get me wrong, but i don't have a TJ's, or WF for that matter, within 65 miles (BFE northwest indiana sucks it) so i try to conserve stuff from those stores.

so i really intended to not say much... then this post happened. huh. can't stop me once i get going, i guess. but it needs to be unwind time now. got some sleep to catch up on.

that is all.

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