Friday, January 7, 2011

looooooooove legs day

had a VERY decent day today.  on top of the deadline being passed and therefore the pressure being gone, i had an evenly productive and lax day.  could have been more productive, admittedly, but hell with it.  it's been a rough week.

and i had some tasty coffee in the afternoon, then went in the back lot and did donuts and drifts in the snow.  GOOD TIMES.  and i didn't damage my car or any equipment so i call it a win.

LEG DAY.  and an awesome one at that.  for the first time, i grasped the concept of a pyramid workout and did more than i think i ever have:

elliptical - 1 'mile' in about 11 mins... 2/10 of that mile was backward or it would have taken much less time.

glute isolator - 15 x 30, 13 x 35, 10 x 40, 7 x 45, 10 x 40, 13 x 35... and i think i stopped there

abductors - 40 lbs on the squeeze due to changing the way i do it (to CORRECT), 60, 70, 80 on the spread, and i don't even know reps 'cause i wasn't counting... gym buddy distraction

ab knee lifts - 3 x 20

man, i really should have taken notes... i forgot most of this already :-( this is all estimation, but i did full increment pyramids on just about everything

calf isolator - 3 x 10 of each position (straight, ins and outs) at 40.  first time on THAT one and helloooo burn.

curls - 15 @ 40, 10 @ 50, 7 @ 60 x 2, 10 @ 50, 15 @ 40

extensions - 15 @ 50, 10 @ 60, 7 @ 70 x 2, 10 @ 60, 10 @ 60, 15 @ 50

angle press - 10 @ 120, 10-15 @ 140, 10 @ 160, 5 @ 180 (my high), 10 @ 160, 10 @ 140

and then i almost died.  i was honestly going to try for squats, but i should have done those first as i was jelly by the time i was ready.

lotsa stretching and talking with Bryan (aforementioned gym buddy), who is a very nice, and attractive, older guy (i wish i knew HOW old) who is clearly interested in me and hinted toward taking me out.  i sidestepped it, but might be willing.  he lives like someone younger than i am and age is a number, right?  we'll see what happens there.

holy crap i feel great.  i NEED to remember how good i feel now so i keep it up.  friday makes a good leg day, since i could be at the gym until after 8 and not stress about sleep.  i wish i could have hit the tanning bed, but i have $40 until friday so that's a splurge that will have to wait.  sadface.

wasn't even bothered by the 3" of snow that accumulated on my car in my just over 2.5 hours working out.  much lake effect today/tonight.  the ride home was sketch but i've learned how to drive in snow.  took a couple wrecks, but i'm good now ;-)



1/4 cup (less than usual) - ish of my oat blend cooked in water and half a banana

container of oikos nonfat chocolate stirred in

wheat germ / flax mix sprinkled


fiber one on top

yuuuuuum.  and way more satisfying than expected.  i wasn't even really hungry at noon.

snack 1 (at my normal lunchtime):


lunch (at about 2pm, i wanted to eat this later since it was heartier than my normal lunch and would hopefully hold me over until after the gym):

leftover curry (YUMMY) and some baby carrots

snack 2  (at like 4:45):

my last work banana - needed to be eaten and would give me a little boost for my workout

speedy 'latte', 20 oz - LITTLE bit of FF french vanilla cap, ice, topped off with coffee, cinnamon stirred in.  mmmmmm...


we'll call the scoop of protein i ate on the way home from the gym part of dinner.  didn't mix it, just ate it and chased it with water.  need to fuel those muscles.

saaaaaaaaaaaalad (half and half romaine mix and spinach, carrots, tomatoes, and light italian dressing)

the last of the curry, with almonds and FF feta (just as good the 3rd time)

couple bites of shrimp linguini that was cooked when i got home, and half a piece of garlic bread

all told... yummy stuff.  'course, the night is still kind of young and i'm having wine, so i'm sure i'll graze a bit before i pass out.  and that's OK with me.

still excited/freaking about the job.  i still feel really good about it... but i want it SO MUCH that i'm scared.

that is all... for now. 


  1. Thanks for the birthday wish!

  2. you are most welcome, Annie! thanks for stopping by!