Tuesday, January 4, 2011

try again

i swear i'm going to make an honest effort to maintain this journal. i went a little comment-y on other ladies' blogs tonight, so now's a good chance to talk to... myself.

i'm still having formatting issues with the older posts. i'm sorry, but it's pissing me off and i want to get some actual 'writing' in while i'm feeling inspired.

i signed up for a beginner's yoga class - last night was the first session. omg... it was AMAZING. i hope so much that once i'm done i can afford to keep taking classes, because that was such a wonderful experience and something i think my spazzy ass will get a lot out of. i spent all day today in a good mood, which only got better as the day progressed. might have something to do with ... dun dun duuun...

THE AWESOME JOB INTERVIEW. i applied online to a local college back in the end of october, as a records assistant/secretary. which is pretty much my specialty, or would be if i had my way. anyway, i didn't hear anything for weeks, and called to inquire and they told me they were still sorting through applicants and to hang tight. well, three weeks after THAT, i finally get a call. now, as i briefly touched on above, i am a big huge spaz. so i was nervous as hell. but i am also extremely qualified for this position, almost to the point of being overqualified. it IS a pay cut, but i seriously hate my current job and there are a lot of perks about getting this one so i think it's worth it.

anyway... nerves aside, i'm pretty sure i ROCKED that interview. exhuded confidence, made eye contact, had them laughing a little, and demonstrated just how perfect i am for the job. they have a total of four candidates, i was their third interview... i should find out early next week. so think happy thoughts for me, guys.

and now... on to the fun/food stuff:


was delicious, for one. i pre mix a blend of about three parts rolled oats to one part oat bran as my usual base, unless i make some overnight steel cut oats (mmm... i'm about due for a batch, actually)

my preferred constants are:

1/3 cup oat blend

1/2 banana


nuked for a minute in about 3/4 cup (i don't measure, just add enough to cover the oats) water

then sprinkled with about a tablespoon of a ground flax/wheat germ mix that i also prep ahead of time

today, i:

cooked the oats (etc, see above) in celestial seasonings nutcracker sweet tea (with caffeine, baby!)

stirred in blueberries, blackberries, and some no-sugar-added applesauce, and MORE cinnamon (never enough cinnamon... and it's good for blood sugar regulation!)

topped it with homemade spiced/roasted almond butter and the most delicious cherry preserves ever (bonne maman i think is the brand. looks local, but that could just be good packaging)

and DEVOURED. it was more... stuff... than i'm used to since i didn't eat much for dinner last night due to getting home late from yoga. kept me happily sated for an extra half hour, and i could have gone longer but i truly hate to be hungry. which brings me to...


i'm operating on a much reduced budget, due to the holidays, so i'm working with what i've got plus a few 'gotta have' purchases (mostly blueberries and baby carrots). at the office, i happened to have:

kangaroo honey wheat pita pocket

small bag of baby spinach

single serve packet of tuna

single serve packet of light italian dressing

sabra roasted red pepper hummus

baby carrots (i brought these... gotta have carrots)

... hmm... whatever shall i make? obviously a tuna salad mix with spinach and dressing, stuffed in the pita. with carrots for crunch and hummus for dipping (sandwich and carrots). it was REALLY tasty and i will be doing it again. probably yet this week.

then i left the office early for the interview. got to see a friend for a few minutes, 'cause i used her bathroom to change (i hate my job and have no boss, therefore i don't really adhere to the 'business casual' standards and had to spruce up a bit), so that was nice. got there a little early, and rocked. then a couple of grocery store trips (big lots and kroger both rox my sox) and then home. had a couple of glasses of cheap but decent cabernet (and smoked 2 cigarettes... bad girl) while i cooked up:


curry and couscous skillet

heated olive oil and minced garlic in a pan

chopped up and sauteed about 1/4 onion until soft (would have done more but i was low on onion)

slightly drained and added a can of diced tomatoes

let that cook a little, peppered and sprinkled with curry powder

drain and rinse a can of garbanzos, added them in

more stirring and anther couple shakes of curry powder

added about half a bag of mixed frozen veg (cauliflower, lima beans, asian green beans, carrots), a good few shakes of curry and about a half cup of water, covered and let it simmer for... a while? 15-20 minutes, keeping an eye on it

nuked 1 cup of water for about 4 minutes, to boiling

added a heaping 1/2 cup whole wheat couscous, stirred and set aside

uncovered the curry for the last few minutes, to evap some of the juice, then shut it off and made myself a salad

when it was TIME... i topped the couscous with the curry (obv) and then topped THAT with some fat free crumbled feta and slivered almonds and pine nuts. i really should have toasted the nuts first, but i didn't realize that until after i had put the oil in the skillet and it wasn't worth dirtying another dish. would have been better, but was still EXCELLENT. i took a picture! which i will upload later as it's getting late and if this is gonna get published, it had better happen tonight. i felt so good about the meal that i made myself some:


small scoop of light pumpkin ice cream, topped with mini gingersnaps, whipped cream, and raisins soaked in hot spiced red wine. mm mm mm mm mm delicious

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand thus concludes my night. well, after my obligatory mug of celestial seasonings sleepytime tea. LOVE it, it's been a staple of mine for years

that is all. for now. and holy crap it was a lot...


  1. keep us posted on the interview! i'm crossing my fingers for you girlfriend :)

  2. thank you for coming by and popping my comment cherry, ms. GoLean!!! sorry about your mirror... i work with truck drivers. a lot of them are kind of douche bags.

    i will definitely update if i get the job. or cry in the corner if i don't.


  3. ahh your dessert looks delicious Samantha!