Monday, January 10, 2011

work post... bad girl

goooooooooood morning. i'm on blogger instead of doing my job. tsk. but i didn't post last night and am distracted as all hell so maybe if i just get it out of the way i can focus on what i need to do.

things on my mind:

my coworker, Karen

is the only other person in my office. we have a shop in the back with great guys, but up here, it's just the two of us and has been for over half a year. we keep this place going pretty much on our own, which is funny because for the first couple years i worked here, we kinda hated each other. she felt threatened by me, and i thought she was a big huge bitch. i mean, we would go home and gripe to our respective significant others about each other like EVERY DAY. it was bad. but now, apart from our occasional irritable days, we're fantastic. if/when i go, i will worry for and miss her. anyhoo...

her mom died yesterday morning. she was diagnosed with cancer like two weeks ago... and died yesterday. it's amazing and awful and i can't even imagine how Karen is feeling. it's so... sudden and insanely dramatic. she was fine(ish). then she had cancer. then she had untreatable cancer. then Karen thought she was going to die last weekend and dropped everything to drive down to KY to see her, but it turns out she was just malnourished and dehydrated. got better, was back to her old self. Karen had a trip down there planned for this past weekend but canceled it because she was in a hospital and it wouldn't have been a good visit but they had TIME... and then she dies. i just hope against hope that Karen was able to get enough warning to be there with her, since she was going to go and then decided against it. otherwise she will hate herself.

i want to check in with her, but she's got to be busy and not in any shape to reiterate. so i will wait. in the meantime, i am all alone in the office and probably will be for the whole week. which is nice in some ways and not so much in others. solo days have varying effects on my productivity, as you can see.

the interview

they told me i would hear back 'early next week'. which is now 'now-ish'. so, of course, i am going insane watching my phone, and will be doing so until i hear something. i think i'll try to contain myself until wednesday, and then call if i don't hear something. until then... spaz spaz spaz.

my 401k

got my statement this past weekend. i had over 3K in it at the start of 2010 (not much, i know, but it's what i had) and at the end of 2010... nothing. $0.00. somehow it got withdrawn or something and it's GONE. so... that is stressing me out like crazy and i need to call my investment firm and see wtf is going on. one thing at a time...


second class is tonight. canNOT wait.

my mom

goes back to work today after weeks off with a broken wrist. which is excellent because she needs something to do with herself so she doesn't drink as much. not that that seems to make a difference. i'm sure, at some point, there'll be a 'mom' post as well. all KINDS of drama there.


was pretty sweet. i meant to take a pic but i'm only randomly good at remembering to do that.
oats cooked in banana, cinnamon, hershey's special dark powder, and water... with chia seeds, flax/wheat germ blend, more cinnamon, reconstituted egg whites, vanilla, and some nonfat greek yogurt stirred in. topped with cherry jam, the last (NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO) of my homemade spiced almond butter, and fiber one cereal. it was delicious and a LOT and i'm still pretty full.

ugh... i want to tell you about my weekend (not much to tell, but still, want to get it down), but i really need to do some work.

it hurts me deeply that i can't do a heart, due to the fact that part of it is HTML code. the 'that is all' feels so abrupt and cold, and i want to love on you guys a little. i'll figure something out.

that is all.

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