Wednesday, January 19, 2011


didn't get the job.  ouch.

i'm proud of myself, though.  instead of coming home and feeling pathetic and drinking a bunch, i opted for the gym and the delicious endorphins.  even though the stars were not aligned for me to enjoy my time.  forgot gym socks, broke a nail, was out of my preferred sports drink (nuun tabs make me happy)... it's like once i got that rejection email (right before 5pm), shit just started going haywire.  but no one made fun of my wolly socks rolled up olive oyl style, so that was a bonus.

i think i mostly went to the gym because of the fail that was last night.  and, as per usual, i'm glad i did.  not only am i SLIGHTLY less depressed, but i got to spend quality time with Bryan.  i like him.  even though he's... *ominous music* 41.  not sure what to do with that.

i got an ok workout in, but didn't write anything down and don't really feel like recapping right now anyway.  gonna read and hopefully sleep soon.

ran into the first prior acquaintance on the dating site.  this guy dated an old friend of mine for YEARS.  and treated her like shit.  i'm still formulating my reply to his introduction.

that is all.

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